Antoni Pareja Cuadradas – Frontend developer & designer

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You are watching a portfolio from before 2019, year in which I quit working as designer. It's solely purpose is to attest my former professional activities.

TPC graphic designer and coder from Barcelona, began working by his own in 2009 after studing at Eina school and after going through a large number of studios, agencies, and marketing departments.

Specialized in the entire spectrum of graphic design and graphic production as well as in web / digital design. His conceptual style can be labeled as modern -sometimes experimental- and direct, often contradicting or blending with a more minimalistic, subtle, timeless and non-intrusive version of itself.

Amongst the most distinctive aspects articulating his formal speech one can recognise the treatment and composition of type, image, colors, etc. using an straightforward, balanced, honest, contemporary and authentic language divergent with conventionalisms.

Restaurant menus.

Maison Matsuri:
Personal project – Designs for textile screen printing.

La Guia de l'Empordà:

Laurent Martin "Lo":
Artist catalog

Can Kenji:
Restaurant menus.

Can Kenji:
Business cards.

Colorín Colorado:
Unused – Pet accesories brand logo.

De Luz:
Lighting brand poster.

Pla d'acollida:
Ngo posters.

Fragments de llum:
Happening Poster / id

Illustration for a gambling website.

Tote bags.